3-fold 24-carat-gold on round canvas (Ø 80cm, 400 g/m2, 100% cotton)


A few years ago I first saw an artwork with the golden circle by the wonderful, amazing artist Ernestine Faux. I adore her and her work with all my heart and there are very few artists with whom I feel as emotionally connected as I do with her. I would like to expressly honor her at this point because each of her artworks inspires me deeply. So please check out her website at: as well. 

Many months after meeting her golden circle, I suddenly had the urgent impulse to create golden circles out of 24-carat gold myself and I couldn't explain why. I have never made a painting of this kind before. I'm also extremely untalented at painting. It's even hard for me to draw a cat on paper, but the impulse to make many golden circles RIGHT NOW was so strong that I just followed it. While the work was being created, I always had the inner impulse that this picture would become a "Christ Consciousness Activator". I had never heard that expression before either. But it felt very fitting. As if the work would remind us of our inner sanctity and reactivate pure consciousness. Beyond ideologies, dogmas, cultural, social and religious beliefs. For me, Christ Consciousness represents a universal power. You could call it something else, but it's always the same power. May we all remember this divine power within us. May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings find salvation and enlightenment. AMEN. ĀTMAN. I AM. OM.


The "CHRIST" painting was lovingly handcrafted in a complex process. It consists of pure 24 carat gold, applied three times on round canvas (Ø 80cm, 400 g/m2, 100% cotton).

"CHRIST" consciousness stands for: love, mercy, patience, forgiveness, generosity, peace, trust, charity, unity, humility and gratitude. 

Pure 24 carat gold raises the vibration level and has a revitalizing and mood-enhancing effect on the spirit. It is very popular because of its association with money and wealth. Symbolically, gold stands for the power of the sun and promotes the formation of wealth on a material, mental and spiritual level. Furthermore, it stands for the divine creative power, healing of suffering as well as spiritual enlightenment and salvation.

Importance of the purity of gold:
Number of carat parts of gold = gold purity (%) 24K = 24/24 approx. 99.9% purity