Updated: May 10, 2021

There is a gift within you

that no one else has

noone can come even close

it fills you from

the top of your head

to the tip of your toes

And if YOU don’t embody

this gift in the world

it will never ever be seen

the song will never be sung

the film will never be screened

the story will never be written

the dance will never be danced

the dish will never be eaten

the painting will never be glanced

the moment will never be lived

do you know what a crime it is to

withhold from the world

all that you have to give?

We all share this deep, innermost longing

to let our gift break through

and to celebrate with each and everyone

what we are born to do

It is the joy of being in the here and now

that awakes our true identity

it is the joy of being in the now and here

that awakens our power inevitably

It is time my beloved to open up to the present

it is time my dear to dive in

And gracefully embody your gift

That you have always carried within

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