The painting "CHRIST" is made by hand in an elaborate process with love. It is made of pure gold leaf (24 carats, 3 times thick) applied to a round canvas (Ø 80cm, 400 g / m², 100% cotton).


Christ energy stands for: love, mercy, patience, forgiveness, generosity, peace, trust, charity, unity, humility, gratitude.


Gold has a mood-enhancing effect on the mind and is known in Feng Shui for its connection with money and wealth.


From a symbolic point of view, gold stands for the power of the sun and promotes the creation of wealth on a material and spiritual level.


Furthermore, it stands for divine creative power, healing of suffering as well as spiritual enlightenment and redemption.

Painting "CHRIST", Pure Gold (24 Carat) on Canvas (Ø 80 cm)

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  • Painting "CHRIST" with pure gold leaf (24 carat, 3 times thick) applied to canvas Ø 80cm, canvas 400 g / m², 100% cotton