Video Editing | Camera | Voice-Over | And More



I offer my poetry for writing scripts for TV, We know Pink Panther, Pumukl. Image, Series, etc. 


I've also done a lot of camerawork for very different types of projects over the past 10 years, including:

  • Television

  • Documentaries

  • Imagefilms

  • Short films

  • Art films

  • Festivals

  • 360° productions

  • and more

Cameras I mainly work with:


  • Sony FS 7 

  • Sony FS 5

  • Insta360 Pro 8K 360°



The elaborate usage of language has been with me for about 15 years. I love bringing precious scriptures to life through my voice and give it all the power and authenticity it deserves to unfold it's full potential. But to be honest, I can only do that with content that I am personally convinced of. If I'm not convinced - it sounds terrible. But if it has a good intent, I give it all I've got.
Voice-over recordings possible in German or English.
Pricing depends on the type of project (commercial, non-profit, corporate, private).
Here you can listen to some samples:

If you have a great project or just an inspired idea how we can co-create, please feel free to ...



I am constantly expanding my skills and exploring new areas of expertise. Therefore it is very difficult for me to define all the services I can provide. It all depends on the project and whether it aligns with my purpose and my time. But to inspire you, here are some roles I've already explored:

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Production Manager

  • Editor

  • Colour Correction / Mastering

  • Animations with hand drawings

  • VR producer

  • 360° DoP 

  • 360° Editor

If you want to know more about my

film and media background go to: